Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

my relationship with money is quite possibly messed up

It's funny---I had no problem writing a $17,000 check to pay off my student loans, but I almost hyperventilated while placing my $137 order for Batman: the Animated Series and Batman Beyond. But then I reminded myself that I still had approximately $200 left from graduation gifts, and after that I felt better. I'll probably wind up creating my own Saturday morning cartoon line-up, since I also have the first two seasons of Rock & Bullwinkle, and the Superman cartoons from the 1940's (very similar art style to the earlier Batman seasons, though the stories are much sillier).

In other Batman-related news---well, semi-Batman-related---well, in my head it is---I have another crossover I want someone to write, and if no one else does, I probably will. Burn Notice/Ocean's Eleven. With Michael & Co. on one side and Danny Ocean's crew on the other. Probably from Danny's POV, although it might wind up being simply whoever's currently being foiled by Michael. Setting it up might be a little tricky, since Michael usually winds up on the side of the under dog, and Danny seems to go more for rich bastards, but Michael could be helping out one of Veronica's friends as a favor to Sam.

The plot would be your typical Burn Notice caper, with lots of "the Ocean crew is cool, but Michael (and Sam and Fi) can blow them out of the water". With banter and ridiculous disguises and Sam and Fi arguing in the background, unrecognized by whoever's the current POV. But the story would really be about how Michael's doing what he does out of principle and near-desperation, with skills that have been sharpened by the constant threat of death, not merely prison---Danny and Rusty may be slick, but Michael's like a knife that's cut through its sheath. And so it's a forgone conclusion that he'll win, despite the numbers being against him.
Tags: emotions, miscellaneous fandoms

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