it's spring!

favorite season?

don't have a favorite

Went to Home Depot with my dad this morning for some drain cleaner, and came back with 7 strawberry plants, seed-strips for cucumbers and carrots and lettuce and radishes, a whole bunch of pansies (blue and dark blue), and 20 stones with which to enlarge the pathway back around the pool. We also looked at doors and windows and figured it'll cost about $8,000 to replace all of the downstairs, which needs to be done pretty badly.

Came home, spent about an hour combing the dog, who's still scruffy looking in spots and needs a bath, but parts of him are now reaaaaaallly fluffy. And now I'm going to clean my room and possibly do some mending and stuff (and watch the sga disk that's been sitting on my desk for days now).

All in all, it's been a good day.
We call Fall Autumn and it has arrived in big style with a huge storm yesterday.
'Autumn' also sees a fair bit of use here, I just prefer 'fall' because it's easier to say and type.

We're definitely in the somewhat violent throes of April: lots of rain, lots of sun, lots of wind. Briefly, all three. Everything's either green or mud at the moment.