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Long story short: Done!

This year's tax-paying process went like this: Tuesday (my day off this week), do federal, state taxes. Get upset because state A is inexplicably taxing me (didn't happen the other three years I was there, and I made more those years). Get refund from state B. Print out returns. Realize I forgot to include the 1099 when doing federal. Go back, redo everything, get taxed more by A, still get refund from B. Quit, because am beginning to feel like throwing something at the innocent computer monitor. Go play The Farming Game, wind up with $444,000 by end of game. Don't have to pay taxes on any of it.

Thursday (when I don't have to be in until noon), start over with state taxes. Change residency status in both states several times. Wind up paying a little less to A, a little more to B. Claim tax credit from B for having to pay A. Am slightly dubious about this, but TurboTax says I should, so go along. Print out multiple copies, spread everything out on bed and collate. This takes a while. Fill out worksheet for local taxes, wind up owing more there than anywhere else. Go figure. Stop, because I have to leave for work.

Saturday (when I have to be in at noon, which is why I had Tuesday off), get mom to look over everything. Discover I didn't actually have to declare something to local, which saves me about a dollar. Sign everything, address envelopes, write checks, etc. This takes about an hour, but when I'm done, I'm actually *done*. Use 39-cent stamps plus three 1-cent stamps because I'm stubborn like that.

Total time spent on taxes: 6 1/2 hours. Next year should go faster, since I'll have only one state return to deal with.

(I would have used my \o/ icon, except I'm not feeling that exuberant about it. Mostly just a sense of dull relief.)
Your tax returns sound horrible. We only have to do the federal tax returns \0/ and that usually takes all of half an hour online :D
Well, it's definitely one of the drawbacks of all the states being semi-independent bodies. What's really depressing is that both federal and state governments are heavily in debt, although I'm pretty sure our local government is solvent.

eta: really, most of the trouble came because I earned money in two states--if I hadn't had to deal with that, it would have taken me only a couple hours.

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You've just comfirmed that our tax system (Which isn't the greatest) is good. Your's would drive me NUTS!