that's one thing off my to-do list

Well, ten months (almost exactly) later, I finally got a frame for my diploma. It looks nice. Very official. Guess I really don't have to worry anymore about writing a crummy senior essay and not being allowed to graduate. (Seriously. I have a BA--why is that so hard to internalize? Probably because I still haven't decided whether to go for an MLS, so mentally I'm not done with school yet. Also, my dad has something like 5 degrees and teaches graduate (and post-grad) courses, so that's skewed my perspective. Although he would be horrified to hear me say that. He hates the way the current education system is set up.)

Anyways: frame. For my diploma. Which is no longer in danger of being accidentally squashed.

You're not your Dad, stop comparing. Tell the inner voice to go sit in the corner for a time out :D
I'm not comparing, really--it's just that because of his job, I grew up in a culture where everyone either had or was working on post-grad degrees, and I'm now working in that same type of environment. Even though I'm up in the library, my boss has a bazillion degrees, and my coworker is about to finish up her MLS. So there's very much a social--not really push, and not exactly expectation, but perhaps unintentional peer pressure to get at least one more degree.

Also, I'm on various librarian list-servs, and 95% of the job postings require an MLS. Which isn't very encouraging. >_< Oh well.