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reviews: The Last Hero, The Fourth Bear, To the Hilt, Pride & Prejudice

Yes, more reviews.

The Last Hero, by Terry Pratchett
A bunch of old (read: tough as nails) heroes run out of things to do, and so decide to return to the gods what was stolen a very long time ago - fire. And, in the process, destroy the world. So of course the Ankh-Morpork city watch has to step in. This book makes more sense if you’ve read some of the Discworld novels, but the pictures are pretty either way.

The Fourth Bear, by Jasper Fforde
Goldilocks the investigative reporter, bears, aliens, Punch & Judy as marriage counselors, psychopathic gingerbread men, murder, extreme cucumber growing. . . . I have no words to express how much I love this book and the rest of the Nursery Crime series.

To the Hilt, by Dick Francis
An artist becomes a reluctant detective (sort of), displays his adroitness at hiding very expensive items, and finds his way home. (And that last bit makes it sound horribly sappy, but it’s not.) I love most of Dick Francis’ books, and this is one of my favorites.

Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austin
The title pretty much says it all - you have pride on Mr. Darcy’s side and prejudice on Elizabeth’s and that’s enough to drive the story for almost five hundred pages. In many ways it’s like Middlemarch, only shorter and much less irritating, and Austin’s characters have a vibrancy beside which Elliot’s appear almost as shadows.
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