just curious, take 2

peanut butter?


mmm. peanut butter.

if lj screws up this one as well, i'll be seriously irked.
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Maramalade! or honey. Peanut sticks to the roof of your mouth and tastes funny! Have you tried pb with honey?
Well, I've had peanut butter with honey in it (which was good but a bit sweet for my taste), but not with peanut butter on one piece of bread and honey on the other. Seems like it would be a very sticky situation. I usually have mine with raspberry preserves.

My dad loves marmalade, but I've never summoned the courage to try it.
Nope. Although I imagine the end result's similar to the peanut butter flavored with honey that I had. A little thinner and sweeter, perhaps.
When I was a little kid my mom would mix peanut butter with brown sugar or syrup for us. Mmmmm. :D

I think I'd find it too sweet now, though. I do sometimes put honey on pb on bread, but it's just *this close* to being too much.
Are you a GRITS? Girl Raised In The South? This is one of my husband, the Hi-tech Redneck's, favorite desserts.
I grew up in Alaska, but both my parents are from Oklahoma, and the food that we ate definitely tended towards Southern fare (corn pone and beans, fried potatoes, grits...). I never realized that peanut butter and sugar was a Southern thing, but it makes sense! :D
East-central. My dad is from (and currently lives in) Muskogee; my mom's parents and grandparents were itinerant farm workers, and lived in a lot of places all throughout the southern states, but she was born near Tahlequah.