so . . . prompt me?

I think I'm going to be doing a "5 things" every Thursday, so I could use some prompts. Preferably ones that don't spawn 4,000 word monsters. (triskafibble, I really will finish that one about Rodney's various reactions to being kissed by John. Really. After I do some research. And by research, I mean rewatch most of the show, because for some reason my brain's decided this thing has to be accurate, which is ridiculous, given the premise, but what can I do?)

So, ask me for 5 things in connection with any fandom I've written in (or about, so Batman's fair game)--go!
5 ways Mike's life is different since he got "burned". Or any other 5 things about Burn Notice.
Actually, should be easy-peasy. Particularly since you didn't specify age-range or cause of tears. This'll be fun.
He has to be an adult in at least one of them ;) Okay, maybe two. No, three! :D And one of them has to involve something angsty/emotional.
Oooh! You read Discworld! 5 People DEATH Picked Up that Didn't Go Quietly *hint: crossover time!* and/or 5 People that Fell in Love with Carrot.

*keeps scrolling down reviews* OMW! Supernatural! Have you seen this season? 5 Times the Doctor Encountered Angels and/or Castiel. ("Oooh, look at yooou! What a gorgeous angel! I thought your kind had all died out?" "No, we just went home.")

No pressure, no pressure, just feeding plot bunnies. *passes out carrots*

Oh, I was hoping someone would give me Discworld prompts. I especially like the second one--I can really play around with that. *makes note*

Actually, I'm somewhat ashamed to say, the only season of Supernatural I've seen is the second one--partly because the CW site made my computer cranky, partly because I made the mistake of reading other people's reactions to the subsequent seasons. I should really know better than to do that. *wrinkles nose* I do kind of want to watch this season thought, because I've heard Castiel is pretty awesome, and dodger_winslow's done some intriguing meta on that whole situation. So your third 5 things might happen at some point.
Castiel is wicked awesome. The only thing I would caution you about regarding this season is that is actually fairly close to what the Bible teaches (like about the level of Constantine), so you have to really take care to make sure that you separate your faith from what Tv show(or at least I did.) "It's just a TV show, it's just a TV show. They don't actually believe any of this...." I like it a lot, but, no lie, I had to take a break 'cuz it was messing with my head.

That being said, I'm totally looking forward to the return of Castiel this season. :-)
Ooh. That's got distinct possibilities, and is excellently timed, as I'm just about to start rewatching the whole show from the beginning. So this might take a while, but it's definitely on my to-write list.
Well, you're currently fourth-ish in line, so I'd expect about a month or so. Unless I get bitten by a plot-bunny....
^^ I love your dedication--even after giving me superb, squeeful ficness for my prompt, you continue to consider it your duty to give me MORE ficness. Just because you yourself decided I needed a 5 Things! If you were right here in RL I would squish you. ^___^

Just please, don't post anything for me until after Easter, eh? My Lenten sacrifice is fic. Which I manage every year only by the grace of God--but which is a good thing, because it really does take up whopping chunks of my time and brain, and giving it up means I can catch up on all of the other things I've been missing out on!
*squishes* You're back!

No fic for Triska until after Easter. Gotcha. I'm actually doing almost the same this year--I'm giving up everything except my friends list, a few self-improvement/finance blogs, and information sites like wikipedia. No more semi-aimless surfing (or accidentally staying up past midnight) for a while. Which, as you say, means I'll have time to do the other things which I actually want and ought to do. (Like write. And read things that are a bit more edifying than what I've allowed to become my standard fare.) I'm kind of looking forward to these 40 days, to tell the truth.
Aw, thanks, m'dear, it's good to be back! Keeping up with my favorite internet people and places (like you, here!) is definitely one of the things that my wee reading obsession has interfered with, and that I'm looking forward to having more time for. My brain is particularly fic-fogged this year, and it'll be good to start populating my thoughts more with the real people and concerns that my life is actually about.