fic: Choices Made [labyrinth]

"What's said is said. You cannot now unsay it."

Jareth and his crystals were created by Jim Henson; everything else is mine. As much as words can belong to anyone.


Choices Made
by Brat Farrar

“No – you can’t take him.”

Jareth regarded the woman – scarcely more than a girl – with neither sympathy nor scorn; it was not yet time for either. “What’s said is said. You cannot now unsay it.”

She took a daring step forward, hand stretched toward the child in Jareth’s arms. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Didn’t you? A screaming child in exchange for your dreams: surely the choice is obvious.” He said it carefully, each word receiving the same inflection, but his fingers curled possessively against the baby’s spine.

“I – ” she hesitated. “What would happen to Isaac?”

The baby gurgled happily, oblivious to how tenuous his position was. “No harm will come to him, whatever your decision.” This, at least, was the bare truth, as far as it lay within Jareth's power.

“And my dreams?” She wet her lips nervously, hand still half-extended. But her eyes were now on the crystal Jareth held out to her. “What harm will come to me? I have heard of your kind and the tricks you play.”

“No harm from me or mine. Your dreams are your own: all I do is give them to you in a more tangible form.” He withdrew his hand and the temptations it held; she made a small noise of protest. “Only a fool would think twice about what I’m offering you.”

“Yes,” she breathed, and reached for the crystal, no longer having eyes for her child. “Give them to me.” He handed her what she wanted, and she clung to it with the ferocity of some wild animal protecting her young.

Isaac whimpered at Jareth’s movement and Jareth shifted him with the easy grace born of practice. “Then the child is mine?”

Eyes still fixed on what was hidden in the depths of the crystal, she waved at him carelessly. “Take him. I’m no fool.”

“But you are,” Jareth said, emotionless. “Otherwise you never would have even considered my offer.” And now Isaac wailed, but his mother never looked up, lost in something only she could see. His new guardian whispered soothing words to him, and with one last look at the dreamer went home to a queen who had been proven wise.


I'm not sure what I think of this. At one point it was going to be the first in a series of variations on a theme, but I doubt that's happening any time soon.
Yeah, the whole time I was writing this, I kept flipping back and forth between being creeped out by him and thinking, she's a really lousy mother. Like I said, I can't make up my mind about it. But I'm glad to hear it was so effective.
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Ooh, I love this!! I hadn't even imagined this part of the story--that of course, Sarah wouldn't have been the first or last to find those words on her lips, or be confronted by that choice! And it gives me the shivers--because of course some mothers would choose the dreams. Heck, this bargain is struck in RL all the time. =[
I hadn't even imagined this part of the story

I was going to say something very profound about fandom in response to this, but it keeps turning into gibberish, so I give up. :p

of course some mothers would choose the dreams. Heck, this bargain is struck in RL all the time.

Very true, unfortunately.
some mothers in real life exchange their babies for drugs. And of course some children are killed.
Yup. In some cases, the Goblin King would probably be a better alternative. Unfortunately.