5 things i do when no one's around to see me

1. Walk on curbs. (Well, okay--I occasionally do this when there're other people around, but usually I don't. Mostly because I walk on curbs to practice just in case I ever find myself in an Indiana Jones-type adventure and have to cross a chasm on a narrow bridge, and that's hard to manage when someone's talking to you.)

2. Close doors and cupboards and turn off lights with my feet. I love being flexible.

3. Make clicking/chirping/kissing noises at my dog. This is probably a holdover from when I used to ride horses, and is now something I do without thinking.

4. Pretend to throat-sing.

5. Eat paper. (Well, I don't do this any more, but when I was younger I did this all the time. Completely destroyed the resale value (and some of the readability) of a Wonder Woman collection.)
1. I love walking on curbs! It always makes me feel skinnier than I am, lol. If my feet can fit, than so can the rest of me, lol.

2. Do you pick up things with your toes too? I used to do that all the time, before I realized that other people find that gross, lol.

4. What is throat-sing?
1. Makes me feel more athletic and graceful than I really am. Up until the first wobble, anyway.

2. I do in summer, sometimes, but the rest of the year I wear socks, which makes that tricky.

4. Erm. Here's a pretty basic example, and here's a lot more info than you probably wanted.
Singing's awesome. I do it in the car, while I'm walking the dog, whenever. Mostly songs about how guys will break your heart if you're not careful. Or death. Folk songs are so wonderfully depressing.
Honestly, I can't stand either. But I do love folk music, which tends to be all about stuff like murder, failed revolutions, and girls getting pregnant and then getting dumped. And the best part is that often the music is so cheerful that the listener doesn't realize what's going on until halfway through the song.