Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

5 things i do when no one's around to see me

1. Walk on curbs. (Well, okay--I occasionally do this when there're other people around, but usually I don't. Mostly because I walk on curbs to practice just in case I ever find myself in an Indiana Jones-type adventure and have to cross a chasm on a narrow bridge, and that's hard to manage when someone's talking to you.)

2. Close doors and cupboards and turn off lights with my feet. I love being flexible.

3. Make clicking/chirping/kissing noises at my dog. This is probably a holdover from when I used to ride horses, and is now something I do without thinking.

4. Pretend to throat-sing.

5. Eat paper. (Well, I don't do this any more, but when I was younger I did this all the time. Completely destroyed the resale value (and some of the readability) of a Wonder Woman collection.)
Tags: 5 things, personal things

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