alleluia, alleluia

I feel like a potted plant that's finally been placed in the ground; though I remained in the pot for so long only because I chose to and was at last freed because I asked to be, and my roots still clutch at the shards of the broken pot more tightly than they ought.
  • Temperment: joyous
  • Acoustics: russian choir
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This isn't in response to anything in particular, it's just that I can . . . almost feel myself growing each day. There are days when I screw up pretty spectacularly (although it seems I'm the only one that notices), but on the whole things seem to be going upward in a rather marvelous way. And I am deeply grateful for this.
Thanks for sharing that, Brat! Whatever brought this feeling on, it sounds like a lovely experience of transcendence, and it makes me happy to hear it! ^^