Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

highly unreliable writing stats for 2008

Stories begun that won't ever go anywhere:
sga: 13 (or so)
original: 2?
favorites: And Sleeps shows how deeply weird my version of John is. Not messed up, just really weird. (Comes with having an alien as a mother, I suppose.) Stories Thrice Told is another one about John and his mother, in which John's mother tells him all the stories as they really happened. And then there's the continuation of that AU in which John falls back a year into his past, which I like mainly because of the last line.

Stories begun that will go somewhere, if I have any say in the matter:
sga: 4
original: 3
favorites: A Laborious Madness, definitely. No matter how much of a mess the rest of it turned into, this has got to be my favorite opening ever. The scene just unfolded around me as I wrote it, and it always makes me smile when I read it, no matter how tired or gloomy I'm feeling. Boojum turned out a lot more complicated than I expected, which led to me defaulting out of the sga gen ficathon, but I really like most of the bits I've got finished so far. Like Holy Palmers is another one that's about four times as long as I expected it to be, but it's fun exploring different permutations of John and Rodney and a kiss. This one should be done in another week or so.

Stories that are done:
sga: 2
misc: 3
favorites: I love Death and Taxes despite its shortness, because it was one of those things where I had sudden knowledge shoved into my head. And that's always fun. Plus, it has John and Ronon hanging out together. Farewell to Candide just made me happy, despite the somewhat depressing subject matter. It sounds on paper exactly the way it sounded in my head, and it's nice when that happens.

Things still in the running (this list is the one that makes me cry):
sga: 9
misc: 1
original: 5
favorite: I must admit, Someone Else's Shadow is mostly my secret fic of shame, because it's the most self-indulgent thing I've written since that "rich girl with a talking dog who's actually an enchanted prince" story I started back in 8th grade. Which is why it's friends-locked, and will likely stay so forever. But it's got some lines that I love, and includes Rodney brandishing a toilet brush, and a geeky geometry reference that probably no one else will notice, and if the ending wasn't bound to be really depressing I probably would have finished it by now.
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