new year's resolution

Usually I don't bother with resolutions for the new year, but this time around I think I'll give it a shot. Mostly because if I don't do something, I'll wind up as one of those people who sort of just disappear, leaving twenty unfinished stories lying around where they can frustrate people. And I don't want that to happen.

So. Starting with January 2nd, every Friday I will be posting either a completed short story, or the next chunk of a WIP. Srsly. I know things have been pretty boring the past few months, but starting Friday, there will be fic again.
I applaud your determination and eagerly await the fic! *eyes own pile of WIPs nervously*
I have to admit, right now my attitude is less determination and more I must be crazy, and I can feel myself already coming up with excuses for not getting stuff written--not that I'm going to let myself use them.

i hope.
Ooooooh...what a fantastic resolution--designed not only to improve your own art and character, but to make the rest of us HAPPY!!!! XD I'll be rooting for you with all the others, as I'm sure you know!