dean bw

okay, this is ridiculous

Brain is currently keeping itself occupied by writing fanfic for comic books that exist only in an unfinished AU fanfic crossover.

I just-- *shakes head*

This is why my WIP list just keeps getting longer.

Tomorrow, I am going to stop being an idiot and start finishing things. Because I am fed up with myself, and with all these stories that have no endings. I'd start tonight, but I really need to go to bed.

So, peoples. There will be fic soon. (And by 'soon', I mean Thursday evening. Friday morning, at the latest.) Actual finished fic. And if there isn't, please yell at me. Guilt is a powerful force, and often succeeds where self-discipline fails.

Also, there would be a load of links to military awesomeness and wacky Rube Goldberg-ness and--something else, but I've forgotten what--but I'm too lazy at the moment. Bleh. Only four more days of work, for which I am profoundly grateful.
Yay! Fic!

I should do that - instead of coming up with new stuff, just finish all the unfinished stuff I have... although the majority of them are AUs. *Shrugs* Oh well.
What's wrong with AUs? Gives you a wider range of possibilities. And you always come up with such cool ones.
I love AUs, I just have a hard time writing them. I always feel a tad guilty because it feels too much like writing original fic at times, so my motivation to write AUs fluctuates a lot.
I view AUs as a way to explore the characters in ways that canon-based stuff can't.

[...And I'd come up with some examples, but I've got to run to choir practice.]

So, no lack of motivation for me. Also, I find it frees me up a bit from having to research everything to make sure it's canon-compliant.