More photos

Because I'm bored and on the phone, have a couple more pictures.

The almost cubist ceiling of the UMCP gym, photographed by JJ, with my camera.

I looked out my window sometime back in November, and saw this thing floating down the creek. Anyone have any idea what it is? I most certainly don't.

Foil's not as fast as saber, but I still wasn't able to get any non-blurry photos of these two.

As before, click on the photos to see larger versions of them.
I remember that floaty thing!
Cool photoze.

I think the floaty thing is a slab of concrete being taken to or away from a bridge construction project. It looks old, so I'm gonna guess the latter.
Yeah, it's probably something like that, but there was only the one - that's what so odd. If it was from a bridge or something, I'd expect there to be a couple.
It was the platform barge that the construction workers worked from - they also kept all their equipment on it - I dunno how they got concrete to float as well as that... :D But yeah, there was some work being done on the pilings of one of the bridges.
don't you just love motion blur? ^_^ that means that you were on a slow shutter speed with no flash, cuz flash stops your action. ^_^
Yeah, I was hoping for that effect, but had no clue what I was actually doing. Pretty much point and click and cross your fingers. ^_^