Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

christmas wish list time

If you could have me write/finish any story/series/whatever--and I mean any--what would it be?

Me, I want synecdochic to finish the one where Sha're winds up on Earth, and for seperis to finish up the one where John's another Jason Bourne (although really, I could maybe do something about that one, since I'm supposed to be a beta on that). And I want someone--anyone--to write me the one about the superhero who's actually several different people, each on a different shift, because really. At some point a busted knee or something is inevitable, and what then? Superhero A disappears off the streets and Joe Richboy suddenly shows up on crutches? Yeah, like that's a coincidence. Also, no matter how casually you play it, eventually someone's going to notice that you disappear every time there's a catastrophe, unless you live like a hermit. I want a realistic, practical take on the whole superhero thing. But with a sense of humor and style and wonder. No soap opera storylines or ridiculous costumes, no crazy mutant villains or revolving doors on the prisons/psychiatric wards, just consistent, interesting, realistic character portrayals and situations.

So, who wants to write that for me? And what story do you wish existed but doesn't?
Tags: meme/poll, writing about writing

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