I still say it's a travesty, reading even the most precious and fluffy of your works on a site purporting to have only "bad" stuff on it (I love Reason #1!!), but congratulations nonetheless. A goal achieved is a goal achieved, eh? Still...I don't know, is my taste in poetry that bad? 'Cause I really love both pieces! ^^
Honestly, I have no idea how particular they are about what makes it in and what doesn't. The subject to the email reporting that my stuff was up on the site reads "your very bad poem was just barely bad enough", but who knows whether that's just their standard subject line?

And then there's always the question of what, exactly makes a bad poem. Some of the poems on the site are practically gibberish, some, like mine, are more ridiculous. The latter, I think, can be quite enjoyable.
I love playful poetry and fun, quirky imagery and such. I really do like both poems--mind if I rec them to a friend? I think she'd be highly amused. ^^
Go right ahead! I put them out on the internet so they can be read by people--much more fun that way.
Poetry was never my thing but these aren't too bad. How come they're on a site called Very Bad Poetry?
Well, firstly because it amuses me, secondly because I like the site design, and thirdly because if I categorize them as "bad" ahead of time, it makes them more fun to write.