i did not know about this phone number

there was a video here, but now there's not

I'm only just now beginning to realize how much work is involved in being a good, participating citizen. It's more than simply showing up at the voting center once every four years--or even every year. One must be informed of current events, of what the government in its various forms is doing, and must make one's will known to the appropriate representatives. Will, not opinion. We the people are the true government, after all, although it seems we rarely shoulder that burden. Seems it's easier to just sit back and complain (or gloat).

And I admit that I have been (and will probably continue to be, to some extent) one of the complainers.
We are the government. They are only our representatives.
So much legislation gets debated every week in Congress, so much of which could make significant change, but it seems as though so much of what gets accomplished there is simply a bunch of politicians trying to secure their jobs by playing to all sides. And the money which gets handed out to so many sundry causes just to please the influential or mollify the most vocal minorities is obscene.

That is an extremely uncomfortable-making video. And yet I can't make up my mind about how much of it I object to because the proposals really are too extreme or the viewpoint twisted...and how much of my discomfort might be due simply to hearing truths that are taboo to speak of in this era of social liberalism--ushered in and sustained mostly, as "Paine" rightly implies, by representatives who refuse to represent their own constituents when it might hurt their public image to do so.

But I absolutely do not have to agree with him in order to take up his challenge. Why can't an ordinary citizen simply follow those Congressional debates and proceedings, and speak right up, right to the representatives at the front lines, and say "This is your boss speaking--this is what I want you to accomplish for me today"? No reason atall.
I feel pretty much the same way; I probably should have posted this with caveats, but I think my social filter's on the fritz at the moment.


I keep trying to respond to the video, but nothing's coming out coherently at the moment, so I give up. To the extent of yanking the video, because I don't feel like dealing with any further comments it might generate. Apathy in action!

But yes, more involvement in the government. Good thing. Yar. *iz tired*
Yeah, I'm having trouble with coherency of reaction, too--something halfway brilliant came to me this morning about how yes, we need to foster a unified sense of Americanism, but NO, the way absolutely is not to reject multicultural influences, but for all of us to *embrace* the melting pot. But--thankfully, I think--much of his other points have left my brain already, so don't worry: no permanent trauma has been sustained in the viewing of the vid! ^^

I'm thinking the one very, very good thing about this election for me personally is that it's made me actually very much interested in keeping informed about what's going on in my country and the world--really a very foreign state for me. So who knows? I may actually use that number, or one of the other nifty ways floating around out there for getting my voice heard in regard to the important issues. 'Cause I'm finding that I really do have some very strong opinions on many of them.
Maybe a better word for me to have used would have been whining? That is, being dissatisfied with what's being done, but not doing anything about it. As you say, if I have a complaint, I should take it up with those representing me in the government.
Yeah--what caught my attention at the time was the stuff about being more involved in what's going on in the government. I was halfway to work when my brain finally kicked into gear and said "Um, about the rest of what that dude said . . . hasn't this country always been ridiculously multicultural? Isn't that one of the things that makes it pretty awesome?" And I said "Oh, shit," and spent the rest of the day hoping no one would notice the video before I had a chance to yank it.