dean bw

iron man

better than reported. and that's saying a lot.

....dude. now i want an iron man icon to go with my batman icon. got one.
Coincidentally, I just watched Ironman for the second time after seminar on Thursday - what is it about that movie that makes me just feel so good?

*hums happily*
It's awesome because it's all about taking responsibility for your actions and the consequences of your actions--and avoids pretty much all of the lame superhero movie cliches. Pepper is at no point the damsel in distress, Ironman has no problem taking the bad guys out--and doesn't angst about it, at least not that we see. He seriously cleans up his personal life as well as trying to fix his professional one. And it's very believable that Yinsen's (sp?) dying request would have such a profound impact on him. Yinsen kept him alive, kept him sane, was his only ally and friend for months.

The science was a little handwavey at points, but when isn't it?

It's right up there with Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, only I think I'm going to rewatch it more often, because it's not quite as grim. And the robots are awesome. And man, I could talk about this movie all day. We have it for a week, so I'm definitely watching it again. Maybe putting it on my wishlist.