Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

random penguins

1. The town's fire siren's going off right now, in perfect pedal-point to The Cemeteries of London. I'd be amused if someone's house wasn't on fire (or being flooded with oil, as happened to our's a couple years before we moved in; the oil tank sprung a leak or something. But that was years ago, and all traces of the incident are gone or imperceptible).

five minutes later: Siren's gone off again--this time accompanied by at least a couple cop car and ambulance sirens. Something's going on.

2. Also, thanks to everyone who's participated in the super-secret meme so far! It's open through to Monday, so please add your own set of numbers (but no sevens. I've got enough of those). I'm looking forward to getting the results to people. Super-secretly, of course.

3. My nose is cold. This is probably (but not necessarily) because it's currently 59 degrees (Fahrenheit) in my room. I'm wearing a deliciously warm and rather over-sized wool sweater, but that doesn't do much for my nose.

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