Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

this is why i'm not a real lyricist

So, for the past week I've been writing song fragments for siegeofangels to use in her no-really-not-bandom NaNo story. Mostly just a line or two (or three or four). But last night, as I was about to turn off my computer, this thing leapt into my head, and I can offer no excuses because I haven't even had pie in months. (August, for my birthday, homemade blueberry. Deeelicious.)

all names, genders, and instruments are fictitious because i don't know what the real ones are/will be

[the song begins with Xy on the drums, just having a bit of fun making funky percussive sounds. eventually, Yvane hits a low note while Zack does an arpeggio intro and launches into]

OOOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhh / i love pie (i love pie, i love pie) / dum dum de dum dum / I LOVE PIE // pie in the morning, pie at night / pie with the lights out (take another bite!) / pie when i'm sleeping, pie when i'm not / pie when it's cold out, pie when it's hot / pie with ice cream, pie with some gold / pie's good with jello, but not with mold // ooooooooOOOOOOOOoooohHHH / i love pie (i love pie, i love pie) / dum dum de dum dum / I LOVE PIE // [etc.]

[this song is a great favorite for shows, because the chorus is awfully fun to sing along with, and Zack can be counted on to improvise the lyrics, with them becoming more and more ridiculous and nonsensical until Yvane gets tired of doing the bass line and ends the thing by covering Zack's mouth with her hand.]
Tags: silly things, writing about writing

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