Responding to comments

At the time of this post, there are 235 comments sitting in my LiveJournal queue, and another 70+ over on AO3. Personal emails are even worse. I am determined by the end of the summer to have reached "inbox zero" on all of them, so this is my running tally of what's left to do, to keep myself publically accountable.

  • LiveJournal: 235 198

  • AO3: 70+

  • Emails: Complete disaster zone


Michaelmas Sunday

I keep looking for other Michaelmas anthems and keep coming back to this one...

Factum est silentium in caelo, | There was silence in heaven
Dum committeret bellum draco cum Michaele Archangelo. | When the dragon fought with the Archangel Michael.

Audita est vox millia millium dicentium: | The voice of a thousand thousand was heard saying:
Salus, honor et virtus omnipotenti Deo. | Salvation, honour and power be to almighty God.
Millia millium minestrabant ei et decies centena millia assistebant ei. | A thousand thousand ministered to him and ten hundreds of thousands stood before him.

Some things you just keep coming back to

From the video description on YouTube:
The 40 voices in this piece are divided into eight choirs of five voices each. In this video, the notes for each choir have a different color, a different size, and a different depth, with the first choir being small, red and in front, and the eighth choir being large, blue, and in back.
Spem in alium nunquam habui || I have never put my hope in any other
Praeter in te, Deus Israel || but in Thee, God of Israel
Qui irasceris et propitius eris || who canst show both wrath and graciousness,
et omnia peccata hominum || and who all the sins of man
in tribulatione dimittis. || in suffering absolves.
Domine Deus || Lord God,
Creator caeli et terrae || Creator of Heaven and Earth
respice humilitatem nostram || Regard our humility

Let all the world in every corner sing!

Let all the world, in every corner, sing:
my God and King!
The heavens are not too high, His praise may thither fly,
The earth is not too low, His praises there may grow,
Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and king!

Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and king!
The church with psalms must shout, no door can keep them out;
But, above all, the heart must bear the longest part.
Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and king!

SPN 1.01 - The Pilot (AKA "The Woman in White")

So, I've been doing the "random SPN screen caps" thing for a while now, and I think I'm going to switch it up and do an episode-by-episode march through the series--which, at one episode per week, is going to take multiple years to get through. Love it when I can long-term plan like that! :P

For me, this is probably THE iconic shot from the episode:

Though this one's a close second:

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sga au

poem: August

- Hilaire Belloc

The soldier month, the bulwark of the year,
That never more shall hear such victories told;
He stands apparent with his heaven-high spear,
And helmeted of grand Etruscan gold.
Our harvest is the bounty he has won,
The loot his fiery temper takes by strength.
Oh! Paladin of the Imperial sun!
Oh! crown of all the seasons come at length!

This is sheer manhood; this is Charlemagne,
When he with his wide host came conquering home
From vengeance under Roncesvalles ta'en.
Or when his bramble beard flaked red with foam
Of bivouac wine-cups on the Lombard plain,
What time he swept to grasp the world at Rome.

thoughts about gardening

This morning:

  • Harvested another pint and a half of blueberries! They're so pretty <3 <3 <3

  • Harvested some radishes, planted some more radishes where the dead lettuce was :)

  • Harvested some beets, planted some more beets where the other dead lettuce was :) :)

  • Cut back the lavender so we have dried lavender flowers to use in baking <3 <3 :) :)

  • The corn plants look so healthy! Hope we get a good harvest this summer :)

This afternoon:

  • There is a massive japanese beetle orgy happening to my poor strawberry plants--right when they're starting to produce fruit again!--and I'm so angry about it I feel vaguely sick to my stomach :((((((((((((