Happy Valentine's day

Give me a letter and I'll tell you three characters I love whose names start with that letter. And if you feel like playing along, how about telling me three characters you love whose names begin with the first letter of your username. :)

In celebration of 300 episodes

A little late today; I've been distracted first by the weather (snow day!) and then by the project of revamping my one screen cap blog/website. But here are a few more of my favorite music vids--in this case, ones that seem appropriate for the momentous occasion of SPN's 300th episode. :)

This is the vid that made me realize the potential of the medium, outside of serving as a slideshow for a thematically-appropriate song. You have the music driving everything along; you have the images that aren't trying to tell a particular story, but rather serve up a series of visually-striking moments arranged thematically and chronologically. There's even a tonal shift at s8 which matches the change in lighting and color palette.

On the other hand, we have a slideshow for a thematically-appropriate song. ;) Of course, it's a genre that if done well can be quite powerful, as this one is. The Winchester family: dying and living and sacrificing themselves for the ones they love.

300 episodes, man--what a run we've had so far!
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Poem: To die - takes only just a little while -

- Emily Dickinson

To die - takes only just a little while -
They say it doesn't hurt -
It's only fainter - by degrees -
And then - it's out of sight -

A darker Ribbon - for a Day
A Crape upon the Hat -
And then the pretty sushines comes -
And helps us to forget -

The absent - mystic - creature -
That but for love of use -
Had gone to sleep - that soundest time -
Without the weariness -

Here's a question for you--do the dashes make the poem flow better for you, or do they derail the whole thing (as they do for a friend of my who can't stand Dickinson purely because of her punctuation habits)? Or perhaps you don't really notice them at all.


I had meant to finish up the current fic and share it with you all by the end of this week--but I went to an unexpectedly emotionally-draining funeral today and it just isn't going to happen. Instead of finishing the last scene and getting it all typed up, I'm going through and cleaning out my old WordPress screen cap blog so that I can make a fresh start later this month. It fits pretty well with my current frame of mind, but it's not very interesting to anyone else until the new stuff starts going live.

Some of the screen caps I'm deleting are great, but I have remind myself that this will make thing so much easier and better down the line.


another visit to the archives

i think this is my favorite so far
This remains one of my proudest achievements as an artist

to be honest, i haven't the faintest idea what normal whist looks like, let alone the unscientific version.
Bumblepuppy, noun: a game of whist played carelessly or contrary to rules and conventions.
(To be honest, I haven't the faintest idea what normal whist looks like, let alone the unscientific version)
star wars!

Oh, it's so coool

Usually I try to avoid simply posting videos, as it would be a really easy rut to fall into, but hey--it's just about a year since the test launch of the Falcon Heavy, which sort of finished reawakening my childhood fascination with space exploration. So here are a few videos celebrating how cool space is.

This one is a really creative use of archival photographs (linked to from the video's Vimeo page); it doesn't work 100%, but for the most part the effect is almost magical. The Apollo missions are what first captured my imagination as a kid--we had piles of old National Geographics in our basement, and my favorites were the ones with articles documenting each mission.

It's funny, in my head I always think of the Space Shuttle program as a late 80s, early 90s thing, even though I can also clearly remember being bummed out in 2011 when I heard that the program was finally coming to an end. Here, you can watch that final launch happen in slo-mo, and the way the exhaust clouds form and move is fascinating.

A bit longer than the other videos, but this one is a cool way to relive last year's launch that reminded people that we're still sending stuff up into space, and space is still amazing.

Also cool: stories about space. They're often a reminder that the universe is vast and the world we live on is small--how astonishing that it exists and we have all been placed upon it together.

What about you guys--love space? could take it or leave it? think, like a friend of mine, that it's immoral to spend money flinging rockets out of the atmosphere when we still have so many problems down here on the ground?
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The Mark of Cain

I wanted to mix things up with a SG-1/SGA batch of vids, but as far as I can tell none of my favorites are publicly available anymore. So that's a bummer. If you have some you really like that are still accessible please feel free to share.

Instead, I give you SPN s9-10 in vid form:

I'd include commentary, but it's ... well, way past my bedtime, at time of getting this queued up. Anyhow, please enjoy these four variations on a theme.

ETA: Somehow forgot this one--a perfectly edited look at Dean's increased violence due to the mark.
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