Satin or silk meme

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  • satin or silk? - Silk, I guess--don't really have a preference for either. I'm more of a fine cotton kind of gal.

  • hot chocolate or coffee? - Hot chocolate, definitely.

  • dusk or dawn? - Man, do I have to choose? Um. Both. It's summer. There are mosquitoes. Definitely dawn.

  • late mornings or early nights? - In principle, early nights. But I rarely seem to manage it.

  • baths or showers? - Showers, 100%

  • lilac or baby blue? - Baby blue

  • swimming or running? - Swimming. I hate running so much--I'm just really, really not built for it. But mucking around in the water is fun.

  • fruits or cake? - Fruits. Not really a cake person.

  • singing or dancing? - Singing. Been doing it since I was too small to remember.

  • pillow fights or pillow forts? - Forts! Pillows are for snuggling, not hitting.

  • camping or shopping? - Camping, but really most things over shopping.

  • paperback or hardcover? - Hardcover! I don't buy paperbacks anymore unless that's the only option (or it's $0.50 at a used book sale)


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Ha, I'll admit that's when I bust out my old-school Kindle. Why carry one paperback when you can have access to enough digital books to keep you occupied for a week straight? :P
But they don't have the smell of a book, the smell is so the thing with a proper book ;)
I like taking my Kindle with me to doctor appointments and elsewhere but on occasion I like a good paperback/hardcover book in my hands as well.
I hung on the first question, since satin is a weave not a fibre. You can make a satin fabric out of anything, including silk, though real silk satin is quite expensive, especially at heavier weights, like furnishing fabrics. Most satins are made of synthetic fibres like polyester or rayon.

I'm sure you never wanted to know this.

The appropriate compromise between fruit and cake is of course fruitcake. Ideally one where the fruit has been soaked in brandy for at least a year.
Not really, no. :P

But I my answer remains unchanged: I just don't like the texture of satin, at least the varieties I've encountered.

I've never had fruitcake, but I do love me a good fruit pie. :)