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  • Stairways to somewhere

    For wetsammy, a full complement of stairs - as before, each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps.


    10 months later, here's the complete fill for violeteyedcat's prompt Kitchens/cookware! And on a related note, food would be…

  • Hands? I guess?

And dang, the lighting in that bed pic is amazing. The blood bag one is particularly epic, too.
a) Yup. Just an empty room, but too good to pass up. Especially since Jerry Wanek used such lovely wallpaper.

b) I know, right? The framing is crazy. A+, Rod Hardy. (Who was a once-and-done director. I wonder why some directors stick and others don't. Scheduling? Personality conflicts? Just not interested in the show's genre weirdness?)