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  • A step back

    For milly_gal - Wide angle shots where the lads aren't the focus Each picture links to a separate set of screen caps.…

  • Stairways to somewhere

    For wetsammy, a full complement of stairs - as before, each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps.


    10 months later, here's the complete fill for violeteyedcat's prompt Kitchens/cookware! And on a related note, food would be…

Oh man, I love this shot! Even though it's so dark, there's so much room for varying degrees of shadows.
Cool, I got to see the ones I missed the other day and today's. Great pics.
Looking through the full set, I forgot how many beautiful and memorable shots there were in the first two seasons. It evokes the imagery and paranoia of Hitchcock films, and of these characters going on a journey and not one of their own choosing. Thanks for pulling this amazing series together!
They really started the show off with a bang, visually--but I'm looking forward to continuing on through the rest of the seasons.

Thanks for the cool prompt! Not something I probably would've thought of on my own.