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  • A step back

    For milly_gal - Wide angle shots where the lads aren't the focus Each picture links to a separate set of screen caps.…

  • Stairways to somewhere

    For wetsammy, a full complement of stairs - as before, each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps.


    10 months later, here's the complete fill for violeteyedcat's prompt Kitchens/cookware! And on a related note, food would be…

And the "one way" sign! Missed then when I watched the episode, but it's a nice little nod--life is, after all, a one-way street. And it leads to death. (Or Death, in this case.)
And whenever anyone does that..,the Death thing, I see Terry P's discworld Death ;) I've read one x-over where they spoke and it was AMAZING but someone needs to do a proper full length fic :D